Installation Services for Seniors

As your loved ones begin to age, the need for safety measures rises. While some opt for solutions like nursing homes and assisted living facilities, others may not find those comfortable or practical. Senior home modifications like grab bars for showers, wheelchair ramps, and wider doorways can save the lives of disabled and elderly citizens. Handle With Care is dedicated to making your home as safe as possible by installing a range of different safety modifications.

Clean Cut Bathtubs

Normal bathtubs are a hazard for seniors to use on their own. That is why Handle With Care is certified to install Clean Cut Bathtubs in your home. Combined with shower grab bars, this modification can help avoid potential falls and injuries.

Emergency Devices

Along with bathroom and doorway modifications, Handle With Care also installs emergency devices like fire alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, and emergency lights. These devices help bring peace of mind to your loved one’s daily life.


Professional Grab Bars or Handrails

Installing products that ensure the safety of our clients is our top priority. Metal grab bars attached to the wall are one of the many solutions we use to give seniors support. By installing these grab bars or handrails in areas prone to falling like bathrooms, you can trust that your home will provide accessibility for years to come.

Living in a house that isn’t equipped for aging in place can pose a number of risks for your family members. Whether it’s installing a professional grab bar for the shower or toilet, outdoor ramp, or emergency system, we want your loved ones to have as much independence as possible. Discover the safeguards we can implement in your home by scheduling an installation today.


FloorGrip Technology

We hear stories daily from senior clients who tell us how much they fear their loose and trippy exit mat or towel on the outside of their showers. Shower slips are the #1 cause of household injuries. Steamy slippery floor tiles and loose (non-level) trip hazardous mats and towels are directly responsible- and with that comes costly medical bills. Our senior clients tell us how much they fear entering and exiting the bathtub or shower. We can help eliminate that fear and give seniors peace of mind by installing Floor Grip, a fantastic pairing of the foot to friction that generates extreme traction. With invisible Floor Grip, older adults are preventing thousands of dollars in injury costs.

  • 100% Genuine USA Floor Grip From Floor Grip LLC
  • Official F.E.E.T. Safety. (Floor Grip Entry Exit Traction)
  • Applied Professionally by Handle With Care
  • ADA Compliant. Environmentally Green. Coats on Clear
  • Works on any Tub, Shower and Bathroom Floor
  • Applies in Minutes. Lasts a Life Time

Eliminate the Slips, Trips, Slides and Dangerous Bacteria! Upgrade to SAFEST Entry + Exit Slip & Trip Prevention


KnoxBox Installation

When a fire breaks out or emergency crews need to access your loved one’s home, time is of the essence. A KnoxBox, or rapid entry system, is a secure emergency access program created by fire departments to allow firefighters and paramedics immediate entry into a building or property. We’re proud to be one of Houston’s premier installers of KnoxBox systems. Whether it’s for an assisted living residence or your loved one’s home, this access system will give your seniors the assistance needed during an emergency.

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